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Artist / Singer

Nancy Ajaj is an iconic SUDANESE female artist that has always inspired the people of SUDAN and the region with her gentle and magical touch in her MUSIC and actions, As well she influences and inspires the youth and elders with her PATRIOTIC SONGS.

Nancy is a creative unique and purposeful artist who has a HUGE FAN BASE and respect all over SUDAN.

يلا نغني للسودان

يلا نغني للسودان - Yalla N3'ni for Sudan

We look at events as a communication method where different selective audiences are brought together to receive and exchange an experiment set by the event organizers. We believe that the quality of the event setup and program has a great influence on achieving the desired outcome.

This time our experiment is different due to its cause which is our country SUDAN, which has been suffering because of WAR, and people are struggling every day with their primary needs.

So we and the Sudanese community decided together to do what's already known about our morals and ethics to start an initiative that can help the people.


Focused on delivering state-specific communication around thematic issues, the MUSICAL TOUR is prepared to be done all around UAE as a first phase then the GULF  region to spread awareness and call for action, A key objective is to create an active communication platform with the public and stakeholders from the private sector. 

No events at the moment



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